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Tri-Cities FAQs - Get the Answers


View some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't listed,
please give us a call at 509.967.2578 so we can help.

  • * How do I begin service with Tri-Cities?

    • From the home page, choose LOG IN here and enter your email address as your User ID and you will be prompted for a temporary password that you can change as soon as you become logged in.

    • Once logged in you will be taken to the Dashboard and can place all your orders from there as well as view and pay your invoices.

    • Existing customers, we have an account established for you.
      Please Click Here to retrieve your Login Credentials. Thank you.

  • * Where is Tri-Cities Post Services located?

    • We are located in West Richland and have an address of P.O. Box 4189.

  • * What are our hours of operation?

    • Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

  • * How long does it take to have my order completed?

    • Orders received by 5:00pm Monday through Thursday are completed with next day service in our regular service areas. Orders received from Friday through Sunday are scheduled to be completed the following Monday in our regular service areas.

  • * What areas do you service?

    • Our regular service area encompasses Down town Benton City, West Richland, Richland, Kennewick and a large portion of Pasco however there are areas within the cities of Benton City and Pasco that are farther out and are priced differently due to distance traveled and time spent.   Please call for out of area pricing.  Please view the Service Area Map on the home page for other cities serviced but not every day.

  • * What else do you offer other than a post and sign installation?

    • We have a full range of generic riders that can be added to the order.

    • We offer the use of our brochure boxes.

    • We can make custom riders tailored to your listing.

    • We give away lawn flags to all agents so that they can mark exactly where they would like the post to be placed.

  • * What if my listing is just a lot or land without an address?

    • We will be happy to drop off flags to mark where the lot is and where you want the post to be installed. If there is no address for the lot, please enter the address in with the street name and city and check to be sure you have the closest cross street to the lot or land that you are listing so that the driver can navigate that in their GPS.

  • * What is an HOA?

    • HOA stands for Home Owners Association and they can dictate what real estate signs can and cannot be installed in their community as well as if they are allowed at all. If you have a listing that is governed by an HOA, please find out the restrictions before you order the post up and indicate the directions for placement in the comments section of the online order

  • * What do I do if the post I had installed is missing or lost?

    • Please check with the seller and or the buyer to see if they removed the post for any reason and let us know where we can pick it up. We would rather get the post back than have to charge for a missing post and stake. Please let us know as soon as you can if the post is missing and if the stake is still in the ground so that we can remove that as well.

  • * Do I need to make an appointment with the installer?

    • No, appointments are not necessary.  You can flag the post location, attach a detailed map, place specific instructions in the online order or call us to confirm the instructions.  Our drivers are trained to install the sign for the best visibility, with safety in mind.  If you would still like to schedule an appointment please indicate that on the order and be advised that there is an additional $25.00 appointment charge.


Tri-Cities Post Services, LLC
P.O. Box 4189
West Richland, WA 99353
PH: 509-967-2578